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Information & Instructions for Nominators

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The Rethinking Civilization Awards will be given in each of the following ten categories: 


Culture · Economics & Employment · Education & Media· Energy · Environment, Food & Water · Health · Housing & Community · Policy & Governance · Religion & Spirituality · Science & Technology 

• We will be presenting two awards per category – one for an existing initiative/program and one for a new idea/proposal. It is your role to suggest potential nominees (both for existing and proposed). 


• Nominators won’t be required to suggest nominees or a certain number of nominees in each category, although we will be grateful for the further effort you make.


• Nominators will be suggesting potential nominees (individuals, teams, organizations, etc.) you believe are not just “doing good” but actually are getting at the root causes of situations that need systemic fixing. 


• We have created an easy online nomination form page to submit potential nominees along with website/contact info, etc. which can be accessed though this link: Nominator page


• For guidelines on the different Award categories and a better idea about nominations, click here: Award guidelines page 


NOTE: Please make sure to confirm your acceptance as a Nominator before submitting the names of potential nominees.

We thank you sincerely for taking interest in our initiative and believe that together we can bring a systemic change to our world!

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