The Global Partnership For Civic Engagement

Catalyzing Systemic Innovation for a Better World 


What WE Do

The Global Partnership for Civic Engagement exists to catalyze systemic innovation for a better world… and to make it easier for more of humanity to become involved.


Our global civilization, in all its environmental and political un-sustainability, is like the Titanic. However, unlike in 1912, this time we know we are going to hit the iceberg (icebergs, actually) and we know we have very little time to avoid the cascading catastrophes before it is too late. Under such urgent emergency circumstances, we believe that the focus should be on identifying and then scaling up as quickly as possible the best of the best systemic innovations in all the key areas of civilization.


Launched in a high-level meeting at the UN Office for Partnerships in late 2019, the Global Partnership is a focused, practical initiative to get the best programs and ideas deployed at the scale necessary, with the urgency required, and involving the right people and organizations to help make that happen. We are rethinking civilization together.



Identifying the best current and proposed innovative initiatives for a different, better world via the Rethinking Civilization Awards and sharing and supporting them in a wide variety of ways.



Provide transformative levels of funding to the Award honorees from targeted prize funding pools, largely funded by individual donations via the One Hour of Income for A Better World Campaign, the Catalytic Philanthropy Council, and the Saving Civilization Committee.



Facilitating public awareness of the most innovative and impactful ideas for rethinking civilization via our Rethinking Civilization Video Podcast and the weekly World-Scale Ideas Show on Clubhouse, and the Rethinking Civilization Awards program, as well as the support of the best innovations via our One Hour of Income for A Better World campaign.

What YOU Can Do

The Global Partnership is a global movement of world citizens who share a sense of urgency and practical focus on systemic solutions. With a sense of shared purpose and gratitude, we invite you to spread awareness of our mission, join us in helping identify and support the world’s most innovative systemic work, and participate in our collective efforts to rethink civilization.



We can’t Rethink Civilization Together unless you join our mailing list.



Wouldn’t it be great if you could change the world with a donation that supported the work of the greatest systemic innovators changing the world? With one hour of your income (annually, quarterly, or monthly), you can!



To collectively support the world’s most impactful systemic innovators and/or the best new ideas, please nominate your own work or that of others who inspire you.



Learn from some of the greatest civilizational thinkers (Video Podcast), converse on world-scale ideas (Clubhouse Show), and expand your perspective on the world as it actually is (World Data).



Watch our Video Podcast


Our Founding Advisors


World Data

Simon Anholt portrait Resize 2.jpg

Simon Anholt

Independent policy advisor to the Heads of State and governments of 57 countries


Founder: The Good Country Index & Anholt – Ipsos Nation Brands Index

TED and Youtube talks with more than 12 million views


His 2020 book, The Good Country Equation: How We Can Repair the World in One Generation, called “a masterpiece” by Zaid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights

image copy 4_edited.jpg

Peggy Liu

Chairperson of JUCCCE – at the heart of the greening of China since 2007

TIME “Hero for the Environment” & “Green Goddess of China (Chinese press)

“One of the Most Innovative Thinkers in Asia” (The Economist)

A World Economic Forum Young Global Leader

image copy 3.jpg

Isaac Shongwe

Founder, The Letsema Foundation for leadership development in Africa

Board Chairman, Wits Business School, South Africa

Board Member, The Aspen Institute, The Ragon Institute, and Endeavor (South Africa)

Executive director & board member of Barloworld Ltd.


Sterling Speirn

Former CEO, the National Conference on Citizenship (chartered by the US Congress)

Former President, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Former President, Silicon Valley Community Foundation (formerly Peninsula Community Foundation)

Member, Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship, American Academy of Arts & Sciences

image copy 6.jpg

Brett Henning

Author forthcoming book, Legislature by Lot: Transformative Designs for Deliberative Governance

Co-Founder/Director. The Sortition Foundation

Author, The End of Politicians: Time for a Real Democracy

PhD in astrophysics

Ed Martin.jpg

Ed Martin

Senior Advisor, The Nobel Peace Prize Forum

Chief Omniwin Officer, The 5th Element Group

Former CEO,

Chair Emeritus: Association of National Advertisers Research & Measurement Council

image copy 5.jpg

Kunal Sood

Former Executive Producer, TEDx at United Nations General Assembly

Founder, NOVUS, X Fellows, X Summit, and X Impact

Founder & CEO, #WeThePlanet

Global Ambassador, Non-Violence Project and Singularity University

Ketan Patel.jpg

Ketan Patel

Project Lead, Future of Capitalism Project/”Capital as a Force for Good” in association with UN officials


CEO/Founder: Greater Pacific Capital

Former Head, Strategic Group, Goldman Sachs

Author, The Master Strategist

Strategic counsel to governmental/business leaders in U.S., Europe, China, Japan, and India

image copy 2.jpg

ShaoLan Hsueh

Founder/Creator, Chineasy – one of the world’s most popular methods of learning Chinese outside of Chinese-speaking countries

Author, Chineasy: The New Way to Read Chinese (translated into 19 languages)

Chineasy – named one of the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company (2015)

A two-time TED speaker

image copy.jpg

Alvaro Umaña Quesada

Former Principal Advisor/Leader, Energy & Environment Group, Bureau for Development Policy, UN Development Program (UNDP)

Senior Advisor, Office of the Ex. D. for Central America, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela, Int. Monetary Fund

Former Chairman & Founding Member, The World Bank Inspection Panel, The World Bank

Costa Rica’s first Minister of Energy & Environment (1986-1990)


Lara Stein

Former Founder/Director, global TEDx program and expansion, TED Conferences

Co-Founder/CEO, Boma Global

Former Executive Director, Women’s March Global (for all initiatives outside the US)

Former Managing Director, Global Development Singularity University


Nouriel Roubini

Former White House Senior Economist for International Affairs (1998-2000)

Consultant for International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and other private/public institutions

Professor, Economics, NYU Stern School of Business

Founder: Roubini Macro Associates, LLC