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Why have we launched the BETTER CENTURY AWARDS  Program?

The Global Partnership was formed in large part due to the simple recognition that our global civilization is not only environmentally (and increasingly politically) unsustainable, but likely unsustainable in so many of the other interrelated aspects as well. We need a new civilization. It is going to arise from within this one. Some of the most creative and committed people and organizations on the planet are already operating truly innovative initiatives. And, others are proposing innovations not yet made real. And, for humanity to leave behind the world as it is we are going to need to see working examples and plausible plans for the world as it could be. 


Put simply, we have launched the BETTER CENTURY AWARDS:


  • to identify the truly innovative existing programs AND newly proposed ideas likely to be most impactful at the scale required

  • to help mobilize financial and other support for the Award nominees and honorees 

  • to provide a powerful and efficient global civic engagement platform for people from all types of backgrounds, income levels, and locations 

  • to provide much greater global exposure and relationship-building for the most innovative existing programs and new proposals 

  • to increase understanding of what is possible, to accelerate hope, and to diminish fear of change

What are the 10 Award categories? How many Awards will be given?

We will be giving awards in each of the following ten categories:

Culture & Community; Economics & Employment; Education & Media; Energy; Environment, Food & Water; Health; Housing; Policy & Governance; Religion & Spirituality; Science & Technology.

​We will award one winner and nine other finalists in each of the ten categories, for a total of 100 honorees, each year.

To find out more, click here.

Will the Awards be given not only to existing initiatives/ programs/organizations, but also for new, not yet implemented ideas? 

We welcome nominations from both existing initiatives / programs / organizations that are already having impact (but could be scaled up in size and scope, even possibly globally) as well as from individuals and organizations wishing to submit proposals for new ideas with similar potential.

What support will Award honorees receive?

We will be seeking to mobilize as much financial and individual/organizational volunteer support as deemed necessary by the Award honorees to scale up the impact of their work. Nominees will request appropriate levels of catalytic support for financial donations, volunteers, organizational partnerships, and other help when they submit their nominations.

Of course, the publicity and added credibility that comes from being identified via the Awards as one of the world's best systemic solutions will generate all sorts of another valuable momentum and likely transformative relationships.

Where can I submit a nomination?

To submit, a nomination,   click here.

How can I support the Awards program right now?

To donate,  click here.

You can best support the BETTER CENTURY AWARDS program right now by donating to our One Hour of income for A Better Century campaign. If you have the financial means and are interested in making a more substantial contribution, please contact us at

We will also provide other support to Award honorees when opportunities arise. 

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