Why have we launched the RETHINKING CIVILIZATION AWARDS Program?

The Global Partnership was formed in large part due to the simple recognition that our global civilization is not only environmentally (and increasingly politically) unsustainable, but likely unsustainable in so many of the other interrelated aspects as well. We need a new civilization. It is going to arise from within this one. Some of the most creative and committed people and organizations on the planet are already operating truly innovative initiatives. And, others are proposing innovations not yet made real. And, for humanity to make the leave behind the world as it is we are going to need to see working examples and plausible plans for the world as it could be. 


Put simply, we have launched the RETHINKING CIVILIZATION AWARDS:


  • to identify the truly innovative existing programs AND newly proposed ideas likely to be most impactful at the scale required

  • to provide transformative levels of funding to the Award honorees from targeted prize funding pools, largely funded by individual donations

  • to provide a powerful and efficient global civic engagement opportunity for people from all types of backgrounds, income levels, and locations 

  • to provide much greater global exposure and relationship-building for the most innovative existing programs and new proposals 

  • to increase understanding of what is possible, to accelerate hope, and to diminish fear of change

What are the 10 Award categories?

We will be giving awards (one winner and four finalists) in each of the following ten categories:

· Politics & Government
· Economics & Employment
· Science & Technology
· Education
· Energy
· Health
· Housing & Community
· Religion & Spirituality
· Environment, Food & Water
· Arts & Culture

To find out more details about the Award category guidelines, click here.

Are we giving awards for both existing initiatives/ programs/ organizations, as well as for proposed ideas? How many Award honorees will there be?

We will be giving awards within each category - ONE for existing organizations/programs/initiatives AND ONE for new proposals (ideas not yet implemented) from individuals. In other words, within each category, there will be an Award winner and four finalists for existing honorees and an Award winner and four finalists for new proposals. Therefore, there will be one hundred Award honorees each year, covering the 20 Awards.

How large are the cash prizes given with the Awards?

We will be raising as much money as possible to distribute to the Award honorees to enable them to scale up their impact quite dramatically. 50% of each individual donation to our One Hour of Income for A Better World campaign will go into the prize pool for each award category. Donors will be given the option to choose one or more preferred award categories for which to direct their donation. We will be seeking to raise no less than US$100,000 per Award category, but the amounts could be much higher (and could vary, given donor preferences, by category).

Where can I submit a nomination?

To submit a nomination: